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By Dr. Peter H Kay, Immunologist, Molecular Pathologist, Geneticist and Cancer Biologist.
It is often claimed that many substances, remedies or supplements can “boost” immunity. However, from a health care standpoint, it is important to understand that the immune system comprises many components and that “boosting” or enhancing the activity of some of them can cause the development of many diseases or make some diseases worse. 
This course has been developed to enable the participant to understand more about all the different components of the immune system and how they support health or cause disease.
In this course, the participant will learn how a perfectly normal mother’s immune system can kill her unborn child, how some parts of the immune system can cause disease by mimicking the uncontrolled action of a hormone, how a healthy transplanted organ can kill the recipient, how the AIDS virus causes immune deficiency and much more. 
The participant will also learn how a mother’s immune system can cause the development of congenital heart disease and other disorders at birth. The participant will learn how a healthy mother’s immunity can cause development of autism, autism spectrum disorders, learning difficulties and dyslexia for example, in her children in later years.
The course also includes a comprehensive section outlining the various ways in which immune mechanisms have been exploited to develop exciting new approaches to resolution of cancer.
In this course, the participant will understand the biological significance of low levels of auto-immunity found in healthy people, the so-called natural autoantibodies.
I have had many years’ experience in teaching and research in immunopathology, clinical immunology and molecular pathology. Consequently, I have developed this course to enable all those with an interest in health matters and the biological sciences to understand the basics of immune mechanisms that cause disease and keep humanity as healthy as possible.
The course is 28 pages in length. It is undertaken online without time limits. It includes a series of 20 multiple-choice questions. Participants will submit their answers to me at peterhkay@gmail.
I will review the answers to the multiple-choice questions. 
Any misunderstandings will then be rectified. On completion of the course, participants will be issued with a certificate which confirms course completion.
What this course covers.
Adaptive Immune systems.
T cell immunity. T cell functions, B cell immunity. Antibodies, how they are produced.
Generation of diversity. How different foreign substances are recognised by the immune system.
IgE and allergy. 
Immunity in children, Immune deficiencies.
Innate immunity systems.
The complement system. 
Inflammatory cytokines. Natural killer cells. The defensin system. Mannose binding lectin. Bacteriophages.
The major histocompatibility complex.
HLA antigen system. 
The role of the MHC in transplantation. 
Graft versus host disease. Auto-immune disease. Detection of auto-immune diseases. The biological significance of natural autoantibodies.
Autism, developmental defects and heart disease caused by maternal immunity.
Red cell serology.
Diseases caused by red cell antibodies, haemolytic disease of the newborn and transfusion reactions.
Introduction to a newly discovered non-inflammatory form of asthma.
Introduction to monoclonal antibodies. 
How they are produced. How they are used as valuable new treatments for many disorders including cancer.
Please contact the course developer Dr. Peter H Kay on tel. 

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