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Alternative Medicine Science for Naturopathy

Master Course Alternative Medicine Functional Food Scientist 

Recruitment of 10 people in 2024-25


This course is required for DR(A.SM).

United States Functional Food Research Center (for doctoral course).


Ph.D. Danik Martirosyan Professor Emeritus of our school Director, Functional Food Research Center, United States


The U.S. Functional Food Research Center (FFC) is the world's leading organization for education related to functional food science. Since 1998, the FFC has focused entirely on functional foods by organizing 25 international conferences around the world, endorsing open access journals for more than seven years, publishing 30 books including five textbooks on functional foods, and establishing the International Society for Functional Foods and Bioactivity There are more than 3,000 scientists in the field (ASFFBC). The Center for Functional Foods develops definitions of functional foods and supports careers in functional foods. The Certified Functional Food Scientist certificate is accredited by the ASFFBC.

So why do you need to become a Certified Functional Food Scientist?
Functional foods are gaining popularity due to the fact that they can be used in everyday life. They contain bioactive compounds that provide proven health benefits to help prevent, manage, and treat chronic diseases. By furthering your education in functional foods, you will become a more up-to-date scientist and own the knowledge of functional foods in your career. There are many advantages to getting certified, as shown below

Benefits of Becoming a Certified Functional Food Scientist
Becoming a certified functional food scientist will set you apart from other employees because of your knowledge of functional foods. You will be able to use these skills in the workplace by demonstrating your understanding of functional foods.

You will be considered highly professional, learning new skills and keeping up to date with the latest research. Your educational and work background is of higher quality and more diverse than others. You can become a better marketer in the field of functional foods by showing interest and commitment to the subject.
Functional food scientists deal with topics that are relevant to multiple practices, such as nutritionists, doctors, students, researchers, and of course those directly in the food science field. Not only can they present their achievements as certificates, but they also appear in the functional food community.
Being added to the Center for Functional Food's website confirms that you are qualified and certified as a functional food scientist!
Certification can be used to increase your chances of obtaining college grants, providing knowledge for writing articles, and gaining recognition in hospitals and medical facilities.
Once you are accredited, you will get a free membership in an academic association for 6 months
By becoming certified, your name will also be added to the FFC website as a way to showcase your accomplishments
Becoming a certified functional food scientist will not only make you stand out from the crowd, but will also help you when applying for certain grants related to functional foods. Employers will know that you are dedicated to the field of functional foods and will enjoy seeing your diligence. Also, if you are submitting an application for a Ph. D. or an instructor/lecturer application, you can highlight your knowledge of functional foods.

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Using "Virus" by Professor Marilyn J. Roossin, Penn State Graduate School


Marilyn J. Roossinck, PhD, Professor of Virus Ecology


Departments of Plant Pathology and Environmental Microbiology and Biology


Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics


Pennsylvania State University




* Functional food science course DR (A.SM) will be available from December 2020 It is intended for healthcare professionals (all medical fields), patients, students, and working adults. This course certificate will be added to our school's course in the future and will be subject to DR (A.SM).


Cost of this course: 110,000 yen

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