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Naturopathy medicine
Faculty of Health Sciences

Certified Master of Naturopathy

Certified Master of Naturopathy Medicine

Master of Naturopathy in Naturopathic Medicine (MNNM)

WONM Graduate University Asia Japan School


Study with us to give the troubled person a smile, hope and excitement.
Therefore, we will nurture human resources who can absorb the wisdom and knowledge of the world and lead the world. Now that we are in an era of self-selection, we will move to naturopathy, which is cost-effective and superior to other therapies.

2024-2025 course

Course summary

Compliant with WHO recommended over 1500 hours of natural medicine therapy education.

WNF: Defining the Global Naturopathic Protession

Including the contents of the natural medicine doctor course

WNF Global Naturopathic Therapy Professional Education Hours

・ WHO recommended hours of 1500 hours or more

・ Naturopathic doctors (ND, NMD) have more than 4000 hours (including 1000 hours of clinical training)

・ Naturopathy and Naturopath usually 2000 hours or more (800 hours or more clinical training)


Our course includes 4 subjects including textbooks used in the doctor course (usually equivalent to 600 hours)

Our school usually includes more than 3300 hours of education (800-1000 hours of clinical training is excluded because blood sampling, intravenous drip, and bowel irrigation performed in other countries are medical practices. Therefore, the interview training takes into account each person's experience. ).

With additional learning

Consideration is given to the number of hours of natural medicine therapy exceeding 4300 hours in 3 or more specialized research subjects.

You will be a natural medicine doctor in continuing education.

It is structured so that you can study for one and a half years and  other tools and practical studies.

It can be shortened to one year.

Books are distributed in 15 subjects (of which 6 subjects are reference subjects). 

Depending on the learning progress, the period will be shorter or longer. You will answer the abstract for each subject unit.

Graduation is based on the submission of the final report covering each subject.

It is not a Japanese university system.

However, we accept graduate schools, universities, vocational schools, various schools, and exchange of credits such as learning and experience. By completing this course, you will be awarded International Naturopathy Certification and a diploma of WONM Graduate University Asia Japan School. Evaluate by submitting the final report.

Course: Certified International Naturopathic Department (Naturopathy)

(You can graduate in a minimum of 1 year, and you can extend it for 4 years.)

We will change from the annual system to the admission system at any time.

We will organize classes on a monthly basis.

(General information of our school)

(Unlimited school deadline)

In 2023, class formation and tutor system will be implemented.

All 18 subjects, 11 main subjects (1 subject is a graduation assignment), 6 sub subjects

     Graduation name: Certified Master of Naturopathy

     Specialized name: Certified Master of Naturopathy Medicine

     Degree name: Master of Naturopathy in Naturopathic Medicine (MNNM)                 

                  (Home) Distance education Internet university: Distance education

         (Naturopathic Medicine)


⁂Class format

① Textbooks can be downloaded to your smartphone. Always portable.

Or you can always carry it with a textbook printout.

② Lecture in media media such as Youtube. Other media.

③Sharing of joint classes, questions, materials, etc. in Google Suite.

④We will keep track of the learning progress for the sustainability of learning with File Maker Pro.

​⑤Collaborations and seminars of international academic societies etc. will not be held.

⑥Special gift for graduation:

Natural Medicine Symptom Response System (Treatment Guideline: Symptoms / Illness) About 500 digital contents are provided in the File Maker Pro Cloud THE HELPING RELATIONSHIP for the AI era: Rescue relations and natural medicine symptom response system for quick response. Available in Japanese and English.
The natural medicine symptom and the diagnosis response system Vr. 3V
Prepared by President

Class format 2

Care should be taken to ensure that non-medical people can understand (paperless textbooks, video distribution, online lessons, etc.), and that they will not be isolated by individual and multiple lessons. Textbooks that are educated in North America (English is easier to understand than Japanese, English is recommended, and you will have the effort to translate the English version. Almost 80% of the goal is achieved. Google Translate makes it easy I can do it.) . This course has a curriculum that allows students to understand the expertise of an international qualification that is as good as that of a European or American university.
* A Japanese translation will be provided to those who wish.

Learning method of this course (Please study genuine wisdom seriously.)

As a United Nations NGO, we create an environment in which anyone who wants to learn useful natural medicine in the future, regardless of nationality, background, education, age, gender, address, and income, can learn without any restrictions.
In Japan, where relative poverty is remarkable, we are reducing the cost burden for those who really want to study. For economic reasons, we have a large exemption.

Also, from the world's point of view, there are very few experts in Naturopathy & Naturopathic Doctor in their original meaning in Japan, so it is urgently necessary to train genuine natural medicine specialists. This is our mission.

Certificates and diplomas


Bookbinding and Education Schedule

Leave the first year and the second year distribution and switch to the distribution at any time.

①Health Education: Health Education (Basic of Natural Medicine)

②Olgotherapy: Healing therapy

③Regenerative Cure: Replacement therapy

④Orthomolecular Approach: Biomolecular approach


㋐From Health Education (Natural Medicine Basics): youtube

㋑ Medical History: youtube

㋒ Anti-aging: youtube


⑤Vitamins and Minerals & Trace Elements: vitamins, minerals and trace elements


⑦FOUNDATIONS OF MODERN PHYTOTHERAPY (Includes phytoseraphy, Ayurvedic herbal remedies, Gemmotheraphy): Achievements of modern phytotherapy

Comprehensive measures for drainage, detoxification, deficient nutritional components, etc. for deeper learning: It is possible in a specialized course in the academic research subject of the natural medicine doctor course.

From simple reference diagnosis to countermeasure proposal 123 (Clinical Case Study)

Reference: ⑧Metabolism and Nutrition: Metabolism and Nutrition

Reference ⑨ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVES; Danger of electromagnetic waves

Reference⑩BODILY APPROACHES: Bath Therapy (Hydrotherapy) & Swedish Massage





⑫Specialized course: Google suite will be used 

Distribution: Guide

①Internship overview: Preparation for submitting a graduation case report

②Case study 1: Canadian

③Case study 2: American

Reference: ④Business management in Canada

5⃣ Macrobiome


Graduation and certification

(Case Symptom / Treatment Measure Search Data Management)

Tuition fees, etc. (will be calculated by donating)

We will continue to discount the current status in consideration of the consumption tax.

Total 100,000 yen (including expenses)

Contents: Tuition, admission fee, etc .: Total 100,000 yen (11 required courses + 6 reference courses ∔ reference materials 18 courses in total)

 Split / discount consultation available

We present natural medicine (case symptom, treatment measures search data management)

* Foreign exchange and non-profit business tax-exempt items

Dividable: Regular type: 10,000 yen 10 times or 5,000 yen 20 times
Exemption possible: 1/5: 1/4: 1/3: 1/2 Exemption possible
(In addition, if you have special circumstances, we will consider greatly reducing the tuition fee.)


Frequently Asked Questions


Application for admission

① address, ② name, ③ contact information (email required, * Please fill in as a spare. ),
④Emergency contact information (phone, etc.).
⑤Other: Exemption, lump sum, installment payment. Payment Method.

Described here

Vitamins and Minerals.png

Search data management for case symptoms and treatment measures

The Orthomolecular.png

Payment Method


​1.Stripe:Settlement of credit

Accepts all major debit and credit cards in all countries of the world.

Installment payment is possible.

No fees, paid by the school.




American Express



Diners Club

​2.Kyoto Bank: Bank transfer


Normal cost
​​1.2 million yen

Total 100,000 yen

Comparison of costs up to graduation in Europe and America
Commuting (excluding living expenses): 10 million yen or more
In the case of commuting to school and correspondence course (excluding travel expenses): 5,000,000 yen ~
In the case of distance learning (examination fees): 2 million yen or more


Master Naturopathy Course

WONM Graduate University

Asia Japan

Integrated Master Doctor Naturopathy Department-logos.jpeg

WONM Graduate University Asia-Japan Campus

Professional graduate university for adults (general working adults)
Distance learning

Admissions as needed in 2024 and 2025

Certified Integrated Master Doctor Naturopathy Department (Academics and Research)  
Total amount $683
Expected to accept 2-3 people per month​

Integrated Master Doctor Naturopathy Department

Dividable: 10,000 yen or 5,000 yen


As a United Nations Academic Impact Member and a United Nations NGO, we take into account your previous interests, self-study, hobbies, education and studies, regardless of gender, income, academic background, age, nationality or region. We work with leading organizations around the world to help you become a professional in natural medicine and therapy at your own pace.
For Living Scholarship: International and domestic students, graduates, and those in other fields interact on the same playing field.
Graduate students participate in professional organizations (the Japanese Society of Natural Medicine and Therapy) to share information and knowledge, exchange and engage in activities with United Nations agencies and international professional organizations.

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