Faculty of Natural Medicine & Naturopathic

Continuing Education: Natural Medicine

Doctoral Program

Department of Natural Medicine Doctor

WONM Graduate University Asia Japan School


Department of Natural Medicine Doctor


Scheduled to open: Continuing Education Doctor Course

(Special course for career development members of society)

Doctor consistent course:

Usually 1 to 3 years (Only those who have completed the naturopathic course

can complete it in a minimum of 1 year.)


Recruitment of 10 people in 2021.

Admission rules

* Doctor course admission rules

Priority admission for international naturopathic graduates

Dr.Richard Liao Chancellor : WONM Asia University for Humanitarian Medicine 

                                                     Vice Chancellor, Malaysia TCM College



From over 1,400 textbooks on WNF

3 elective research courses

Tuition fee

​​Course fee: 700,000 ⇒50,000yen((You can start after confirming the cost.)

3 subject selection research: Purchase textbooks by yourself: Amazon etc.

for purchasing method We will contact you regarding the purchase method.

It is now possible to divide 10,000 、5000yen monthly.

Payment Method


To be opened: continuing education doctor course

(Special course for career-building professionals)

Scheduled to be accepted sequentially from January 2021 Focus on natural medicine and therapy research. From WNF's more than 1,400 academic books​.

 3 subject elective research For graduates of the International Naturopathic Training Course * If you have graduated from a naturopathic training school other than our school, please let us know.